NBA 2k League Preview: Week 3, Night 4

We’ve got some really intriguing matchups tonight, and an insane Game of the Week! Plus, we get take two of the Celtics debut. Who’s gonna win? Let’s find out!

Grizz Gaming (0-3) vs. Kings Guard Gaming (2-2)

My Prediction: Kings Guard Gaming (2-1)

The Grizz are a team with a lot of talented players that, up to this point, have not fit well together. Jrod has been solid on offense while Goofy has been contributing on both ends of the court, as expected. The other components aren’t working as well. AA is a fine defender, but not good enough to be a team’s anchor on defense. Vandi is very talented, but may not possess the decisive leadership to make this team successful.

Their opponent Kings Guard Gaming, while having a better record, are just as up-in-the-air. This is a team that plays hard, especially since they moved Shotz back into the front-court where he belongs. Yusuf and Shotz have provided great veteran leadership while Seemo continues to be a high-IQ pillar of experience. The biggest question is whether or not Bash can develop into a top-tier PG.

Both of these teams have a lot of talent, but I’m going with Kings Guard Gaming in 3 games. Like the Grizz, they have a solid core of veterans. The difference is that the Kings possess a strong defensive group while the Grizz appear to be one of the worst defensive squads in the league.

Heat Check Gaming (1-4) vs. Jazz Gaming (1-0)

My Prediction: Jazz Gaming (2-0)

GlennRatty had a great showing in yesterday’s game against the Grizzlies, and he was one of many bright spots that shined through for Heat Check yesterday. Unfortunately, one game is just one game. The Heat are still only 1-4, and have struggled against most teams put in front of them. The addition of King Peroxide to the lineup could mean a solid new direction for the team, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The Heat have to face Jazz Gaming, who put together two solid games against the Magic yesterday. I know I have to stick to my “it’s only one game” logic, but the Jazz looked great. Lotty ran the offense while Splashy learned the ropes (and performed very well, I might add). Compete held the defense together while Ria dominated the boards. Their only struggles came from behind the 3pt line, but that will change as Splashy loosens up.

The Heat have looked hot lately, but I’m going with the Jazz. There simply isn’t a single thing they can’t do well. Splashy struggled a bit from behind the line, but still hit a tough game-winner that is not to be ignored. The Jazz look to finally be the Playoff team we’ve wanted them to be.

Celtics Crossover Gaming (0-0) vs. Knicks Gaming (1-2)

My Prediction: Celtics Crossover Gaming (2-0)

It’s the Cltx debut TAKE 2! After we were deprived of their official debut last night, I’m excited to see this squad get back on the virtual hardwood. The duo of oFab and Mel East is one of the most deadly in the 2k League, and the addition of Easy from Jazz Gaming makes this team even scarier. If Bulleyy and No Autographs can play their roles well, this team should be in the Playoffs without a question.

The Knicks are interesting. They started off the year taking two games from Heat Check Gaming, and have not won a game since. Their offense has been good with Malik and Duck providing around 50 PPG as a duo, but their defense has been a struggle. They’ve failed to keep guards like Regg, Kenny, Cook, and Rooks under control. In their defense, I just listed some of the best players in the league.

This Knicks squad is young and hungry, but that guard pair in Boston will be too much for their weak defense. This was one of my favorite rivalries in Season 1, and I sincerely hope the Knicks can compete at a high level.

Hornets Venom GT (3-1) vs. Wizards District Gaming (3-1)

My Prediction: Wizards District Gaming (2-1)

On Wednesday, the Hornets showed the league that they’re not to be messed with. After going down in Game 1 against the Mavs, they came back to win the series. This Mavs team is one of the most solid half-court teams in the league, but it wasn’t enough for the run-and-gun, fast-paced style of these Hornets. Type, Snubby, and Zae all proved they can score and handle elite players on defense.

Standing in there way is another 3-1 team whose only loss is to the undefeated Raptors: Wizards District Gaming. While their start was a bit slow, this team has grown, and displayed incredible chemistry and skill in Tuesday’s win over Pistons GT. JBM came out of his shell as a leader. Dayfri reminded us why he’s a top Center in this league. Along with that, Reese, Newdini, and Awkward played their roles extremely well.

Both of these teams are very talented, but I have to give the Wizards the edge. They’ve shown high quality on both defense and offense, whereas Charlotte hasn’t shown much on the defensive side. The Hornets put up a lot of shots and take big risks that pay off often, but the Wizards’ ability to shine in any situation should bring them the win tonight.

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